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This site will help you learn how to chant religious texts like Sree Vishnu Sahasranamam, Sree Rudram (Namakam), Chamakam, etc 

A methodology similar to that used in traditional Padasalas is implemented for  this - we call it the Guided Chanting Methodology

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Guided Chanting Methodology

The Slokas or Veda mantras are broken down into small sections for ease of practice. Each section has four levels  - Level One to Level Four 

  • Level One: One word at a time.

  • Level Two: Two/three words at a time.

  • Level Three: One line at a time.

  • Level Four: A recording of the entire section to chant along

Each level has an audio clip. Start with the audio clip in Level One of Section One; practice it once a day for three to four days and move to the next level of the same section. Once you complete Level Four of any section, you can move to the next section. 

Watch 8-year old student Lakshmi Aaradhya chant Sree Vishnu Sahasranamam

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