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About Us

This is a charitable trust in the name of my late father, Dr. Prof M H Sastry. 

Prof M H Sastry, a well-known Sanskrit Pandit, was Prof & HOD of the Vyakarana Department in the Government Sanskrit College in Trivandrum.  He got the President of India’s Award of Certificate of Honour as a Sanskrit Scholar. 

People used to call him the walking encyclopedia of Sanskrit. He lived for 101 years till 2012 and is still with us and guiding us. 

The M H Sastry Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust mainly focusing on the study & propagation of Sanskrit, conducting cultural activities, giving assistance for the education of children of deserving families, helping the needy in society, especially for any medical expenses, etc. 

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Our Activities

The Foundation joined with Samskrita Bharati in the Sanskrit programs at Karamana. 


We also regularly conduct classes for Sree Vishnu Sahasranamam, and Sree Rudram and have organized classes for Bhagavad Gita Chanting, and Narayaneeyam Chanting. 

The foundation also conducts some cultural activities like essay competitions, Kolam, Muthaarathi, etc. 

On the charity front, we have been able to provide some education assistance to children, a desktop to a widow for the continuation of her husband’s business, laptops & mobile phones for school children, financial assistance for medical help, etc.  This was possible thanks to the kindness and financial help of many. 


+91 99022 00499


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